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10-28-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host; Pastor R.L. Gundy – Why Vote?

10-21-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Opio Sokoni Guest(s): Dr. Danford of the Jacksonville Urban League

10-14-2014:Impact Radio – Host: Clara McLaughlin, co-host: Opio Sokoni – Guest: Former Lt. Governor (Florida) Jennifer Carroll

10-09-2014:Impact Radio – Host: Yvonne Brooks – “50 Shades of Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness event

10-07-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Opio Sokoni, Topic: AIDS in Africa (Guest: Ms. Laddee Oliver)

09-30-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Opio Sokoni, Guest: Linda Dayson, CEO / Founder Hurting Families with Children In Crime

09-23-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Opio Sokoni – Cast of “Mrs. Independent” stage play

09-16-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Auntie Roz

09-9-2014:Impact Radio – Guest host: Julia Henry Wilson and special guest

09-2-2014: Guest host: Opio Sokoni with
Guest: Dr. Michael Hallot – UNF professor, Topic: Race relations

08-19-2014: Sokoni Guest host: Opio Sokoni – Ferguson, MO / Bill Rankin

08-14-2014: Impact Radio – Guest (s):
Gloria McNair – guest host (pt. 1) – Youth and sexual health programs, Yvonne Brooks -host (pt. 2) – Back to School Community Block Party

08-12-2014: Impact Radio – Guest host: Linda Dayson

08-05-2014: Impact Radio – Guest(s): SCLC Jacksonville chapter Opio Sokoni and State President Rev. Gundy

07-29-2014: Impact Radio – Special Guest Host: Dr. Kaye Smith, (Reclaim

07-15-2014: Impact Radio – Special Guest Host: Tony Richardson

07-01-2014: Impact Radio – Topic: Home owners insurance

06-24-2014: Impact Radio – Black Males Program, Guest: Darren Gardner



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