JSO Veteran Honored at Tikkum Olum Grande Ball

Ken Jefferson with Dr. Kaye Smith

honor_kenKen Jefferson, a Candidate for the Office of Sheriff, was honored on Friday, May 16 at the Tikkun Olam Grande Ball “Dance for the Children” held at Deerwood Country Club. Jefferson received the 2014 Tikkun Olam award for being “an outstanding person in the community, a man of honor whose reputation precedes him, and a person who serves well the cause of Tikkun Olam.”


Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world” or “healing the world” and has come to indicate social action and the pursuit of social justice.  Reclaim Global defines it as a shared responsibility to heal and repair the world.


“This award was a complete surprise to me and I was taken aback when they called my name,” said Jefferson.  “I am very honored that Dr. Kaye (founder of Reclaim) would even consider me for this award.  I have been devoted to serving the citizens of Jacksonville for most of my life and I am passionate about fighting crime. As Sheriff, I will be proactive and do my very best to prevent anyone from becoming a victim of crime, especially innocent children.”


ReClaim Global is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Kaye Smith.  Its mission is to prevent future childhood sexual abuse worldwide through education and other means, to educate mothers and parents about their legal and moral duties to protect their children from resident and non-resident predators, and to provide an answer and cure for those who have been the victims of childhood sexual abuse.  For more information, visit reclaimglobal.org.


Jefferson is a 24 year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, during which time he was an investigator in the sex crimes unit.  He is a former expert crime analyst with WJXT, motivational speaker, and community leader.  He is currently running for Sheriff of Duval County.

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