Ivy Leagues Vie For 17 Year-Old Athletic Scholar With 5.0 GPA

Posted on 15 April 2014 by Admin Arthia

Akintunde AhmadWe’ve all been told to never judge a book by the cover and after taking a look at Oakland Tech student, Akintunde Ahmad, we know that the saying is all too true. Despite his hip-hop style choice of clothing and back-length dreadlocks, the 17 year-old who admittedly says people think he is a “street dude” carries around a photograph showing that he is more than what meets the eye. The photo he carries shows his 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT score, grades which have Yale, Brown, Columbia, UCLA and other prominent names vying for him to attend. And if that weren’t enough, ‘Tunde’ is a gifted musician who plays three instruments and he has a scholarship offer for his skills on the baseball field.
‘Like, my whole life, people have been telling me to stay on this path and everything will fall, the cards will fall like you want them to, so,’ Ahmad told media.
While he has yet to make a decision as to which university he will attend, Akintunde Ahmad says he’s leaning towards majoring in pre-law or pre-medicine.

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