“Georgia to Have a Voice”: Special To The Star

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By Janet Peters McCain

It was last summer when I heard that Michelle Nunn was leaving her position as CEO of the Points of Light Institute to run for US Senate in Georgia and I said Yippee! She does not get my endorsement and time because she my friend and colleague, but because she is the BESTchoice.

Ms. Nunn has the dubious pleasure of possibly becoming the FIRST female U. S. Senator from the State of Georgia. “No, let me claim it the way we do it!” U.S. Senator Michelle Nunn won the primary in Georgia.

Let me take you back to Sunday where Michelle and I reconnected for an interview. This is what I will call a twofer.

I arrived at the Savannah home of State Rep. J. Craig Gordon, Minority Caucus Deputy Whip for the Georgia House of Representatives. A little history on Rep. Gordon he is kind, generous, smart, focused, age 37, a 6 year veteran/incumbent of his position, loves his family, and he recruited his father to lead the telephone polling for Senate Candidate Nunn), and yes, ladies an eligible Black man.

Don’t let his numbered years on earth diminish his conviction for the residents Georgia to get the services needed.

This is where Senator Nunn and Representative Gordon come together for our people and all people. They value education (public, charter, tech etc.) as a key to leveling the playing field for good jobs and an increase to the hourly wage, increasing support for public transportation from railways to buses, excellent healthcare, and a clean environment for all of Georgia’s habitat. Georgians, Michelle Nunn is a mother, a wife, a loyal daughter and sister, devoted friend, and a great listener with a soft voice and strong principles. She is grounded with the skills and knowledge to “Be the Change” that the great State of Georgia needs. Don’t let the changes that have been made in our country -be reversed. Stand for the right people or you will fall for nothing. (Or perhaps:you will fall victim to the wrong people).

Please join me in putting out a sign on your lawn, calling your people, knocking on some doors, you know how we do.

VOTE for Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate in the State of Georgia. While you are behind the curtain don’t forget to cast your vote for Rep. Gordon’s re-election, as well.

It is your duty and a privilege to exercise this act. Many have died for us to be able to VOTE!

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