FEATURED NEWS: Hometown Hero Returns To Address Brunswick Men and Youth

Posted on 22 March 2013 by Admin Arthia

Dr. Alvin S Perry

By Arthia Nixon, Florida/Georgia Star

On Monday 25th, the College of Coastal Georgia will host one of Brunswick’s sons who has gone off into the world, made a success on and off the field and is now focused on inspiring motivating and contributing to his hometown community, especially as it relates to young men.

Coincidently, Dr. Alvin S. Perry is returning from his new home in New Jersey, in the aftermath of several horrific crimes which have shocked the community. Two shooting incidents recently resulted in victims being sent to hospital and tragically, one resulted in the death of a 13 month-old. With revelations that criminals of these violent crimes are as young as 14 years old, Dr. Perry’s message of “Keep Your Feet Moving” is timely and topical.

“I’m a man from Brunswick who came from humble beginnings and I too had my challenges,” he shared with me. “However, my journey is not done. I plan on sharing not only my successes but also my failures because I want people to realize that we do have to learn how to overcome things in order to get to the next phase.”

Perry’s journey to success had a whole lot to do with his talent as a football player, but the son of the late Clarence Alvin Perry and Deloris P. Greene recalled, it’s a journey that nearly got derailed before it even started.

“The very first lesson I learned that stuck occurred when I was five,” he shared. “I had signed up for football for the very first time and my dad was working to the Hercules chemical plant. Well, he come home and found me sitting in front of the tv and asked what I was doing. I told him I didn’t feel like going to practice today and I was going to sit and watch cartoons. He told me that I had signed up and he said ‘You are not going to quit – you are going to continue what you started and you are going to do it with a spirit of excellence’. It was that lesson he gave me that made me instilled in me a dedication to strive for success. Even to this day, I have problem quitting something because of that lesson he gave me. I set out to do things and try to do them the best way I could.”

Luckily for him, he decided to continue the lesson and football. I was quickly shown the pride Perry has in his roots when I asked which school he attended in his youth.

“I’m a Pirate!” he beamed. “But yes, I played through high school then I went to Savannah State on a football scholarship that lasted for two years. Then I transferred to Valdosta State. It took a while but eventually, I learned that I went to college to get a degree, not to play football.”

According to Perry, “It’s not an epidemic it’s a pandemic. Our black and brown males are in trouble. For the most part, our households are 72% with a female as head of household. With no man in the home how can you teach a boy what a positive male role model is all about?”

Dr. Alvin S. Perry, former Brunswick High football player opens up with our newspaper on his books, secrets to success and why he feels young men in the community are at risk.

“It’s not an epidemic it’s a pandemic,” he says. “Our black and brown males are in trouble. For the most part, our households are 72% with a female as head of household. With no man in the home how can you teach a boy what a positive male role model is all about? Another issue is that black men are not taking education seriously. Without a high school education, you are unemployable. You need to make a living or you will do something illegal to sustain yourself. We have to stop this cycle of from the womb, to the prison to the jail and/or graveyard. And these women need to get serious and stop accepting the nonsense and make them accountable. They need to take a role in their children’s lives and education is the key to getting out of that cycle.”

While I had the pleasure of speaking to the man behind the movement for quite some time, Brunswick and the surrounding areas will have the chance to get up close and personal with him by showing their support when he makes his presentation and shares his books during his time in town this weekend. For more information, check out Dr. Perry from 4pm to 7pm in the South East Conference Center at the College of Coastal Georgia. For more information call 404-247-1772.

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