Craigslist Killer Said He Did It For The Rush

Tiarra Poole

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Tiara Pool, 21, of Jacksonville, was found dead in her apartment in July 2010 after Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded to a call when a friend went to her home and found her there.

Tiara was the mother of two sons. Her husband, a Navy Petty Officer, Michael Pool was deployed on a ship. Tiara was described by her sister-in-law as kind, ambitious and very smart. She was taking classes and truly concentrating on school.

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David Sparre, 20, of Waynesville, Georgia was found guilty of the murder. In fact, one month after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder, Sparre wrote a letter to his ex-girlfriend, stating that he planned the murder.

According to the letter, he travelled to Jacksonville with murder on his mind. He selected Tiara after responding to her Craiglist ad. In his letter, he stated that he stabbed her 89 times. “After she quit fighting, I titled her head and sliced her throat.”

Sparre said he had killed before as a gang initiation rite. However, he had never stabbed anyone and so he thought it would be a good rush, so he did it.
The jury voted 12-0 in favor of the death penalty for Sparre.

He will face the death penalty after the judge completes the sentencing phase of his trial at the end of March 2012.

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