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Who is the daddy?

Posted on 25 February 2012 by The Florida Star Online

The more important question is, who pays child support?

Mary and Phil were good friends since high Sschool and despite the fact that there was never a romantic relationship between them, they remained close and loyal to each other. When Mary was 20, she had a son by another man and Phil continued to stand byher side despite the fact that she vowed she would never reveal who the child’s father was. Rumor has it that the father was a prominent business man who was married and revealing his identity would create a scandal, but the real father wasnever named.

When the child was a year old Mary began dating Jimmy and a year later they got married. When Jimmy agreed to adopt the child, the child’s father needed to sign a consent for the adoption to proceed in Court. Being the loyal friend that he was, Phil falsely signed a consent to the adoption as if he was the child’s father. By th etime that DCF completed their investigation and background check, it was determined that Jimmy was not eligible for the adoption and the adoption was denied.

Mary and Jimmy got a divorce. Mary applied for support benefits from the state and at that point it was necessary to reveal a father to reimburse the state for support payments to the child. Because Phil did not want to disclose that he had falsely signed a consent claiming to be the father and committed fraud on the Court, hegot stuck with the child support payments. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Friendship and loyalty are important, but how far should it go?

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Jaleeah Mo’nae Kelly awarded the 2012 Tiny Miss Heart of the North Florida crown

Posted on 25 February 2012 by The Florida Star Online

Jaleeah Mo’nae Kelly

Jaleeah Mo’nae Kelly was recently awarded the 2012 Tiny Miss Heart of the North Florida crown. Jaleeah is the daughter of Melvylyn Pierce and Johnathan Kelly of Jacksonville. She will enjoy a fun-filled year of making appearances and being involved in her community on behalf of the Miss Heart of the USA organization. Look for her as she participates in events in your local area and be sure to congratulate her on her accomplishments. The Miss Heart of the USA Pageant strives to provide our contestants with the opportunity to have fun, establish lasting friendships, build confidence, and self-esteem. It also encourages them to get involve with organizations in their communities that benefit those in need. Miss Heart of the USA Queens are involved at the local level with many charitable organization.

Jaleeah will represent Duval County at the 2012 North Florida State Miss Heart of the USA, where she will be competing for $2,000 in scholarship money. Winners of the 2012 North Florida State pageant will advance to the Miss Heart of the USA nationals in Orlando, Florida, where they will have the opportunity to compete for a $5,000 Supreme Beauty Scholarship.

The Miss Heart of the USA pageant began as a food drive for a rescue mission whose pantry was low and blossomed into a National Pageant program that has distributed over 750,000 nonperishable food items to nonprofit organizations, collected toys for Toys for Tots, and even collected and distributed much needed baby items for a Women’s Hope Center. Visit www.missheartoftheusa.com.

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Man Charged with Three Felonies for Multiple Robberies

Posted on 25 February 2012 by The Florida Star Online

by Kevin Kim

Jaquez Roland

Police say Jaquez Roland, 34, pulled a gun out on a clerk in a hotel demanding money from a safe. When the clerk wasn’t able to open the safe, Roland tied his wrists and stole his wallet. Two weeks later, he broke into a home and stole an air conditioning unit while the resident was asleep in the room. Hours later that same day, Roland went to rob a liquor store with a gun. He tied the clerk’s wrist and legs and dragged her into a stock room and took money from the cash register and safe. Police were able to later identify the suspect and went to his home. Roland had told a woman in the home to tell the police that he wasn’t there. The officers talked to a pizza man who had just made a delivery to the house and showed them a receipt, which had Roland’s name on it. Roland was arrested and faces three felony charges including the robberies at the hotel and the liquor store. He is also charged with resisting arrest without violence and is being held on $429,000 bail.

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