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Deaths – Week of May 5th, 2012

Posted on 04 May 2012 by The Florida Star Online


ALLEN, Maria Theresa
Agustin, 39, died April
24, 2012.

ASHLEY, Fred James,
died April 30, 2012.

died April 24, 2012.

BASSOO, Seeta Sheila,
80, died April 27, 2012.

BONNER, Darryn
Antonio, 45, died April
27, 2012.

BRODEUR, Paul, 64,
died April 28, 2012.

BURGER, Paul Dean,
75, died April 30, 2012.

Gail, 50, died April 29,

CLAY, Thordan Cork, 70,
died April 27, 2012.

DAVIS, Vernon, died
April 25, 2012.

DOWDELL, Mack, died
April 29, 2012.

DOZIER, Alonzo L.,
died April 27, 2012.

ELLIOT, James, died
April 27, 2012.

FOWLER, Marion
Benjamin “M.B.,” Sr., 71,
died April 29, 2012.

Crosby, died April 25,

FRANKLIN, Kecia, 43,
died April 22, 2012.

GAUSE, John C., Jr., 58,
died April 27, 2012.

GELSEY, Gwendolyn,
died April 29, 2012.

GILBERT, Jeffie T., Sr.,
70, died April 26, 2012.

HALL, James V., 66, died
April 28, 2012.

Harding, III, died April
25, 2012.

HAY, Margaret Jean, died
April 30, 2012.

HEATH, Larry L., 53,
died April 26, 2012.

HODGES, Hillie Donald,
80, died April 30, 2012.

JONES, Carlton Pete,
died April 25, 2012.

JOYNER, Anglyne E.,
died April 26, 2012.

KENNEDY, Brad Alan,
50, died April 26, 2012.

KISH, Diana Lynn, 60,
died April 24, 2012.

LAW, Lanora Thelma
Mathis, 78, died April 29,

LUSTER, Cheryl Lavon,
55, died April 26, 2012.

MADDOX, Crystal
D’Onna, died April 24,

MARTIN, Carolyn, died
April 24, 2012.

MERCHANT, Narcilyn
Elaine, 61, died April 28,

NAPIER, Charles David,
49, died April 29, 2012.

PALUMBO, Michael, 21,
died April 29, 2012.

died April 25, 2012.

Milan, died April 30,

PERKINS, Annie, died
April 27, 2012.

PERRITTE, Mary, died
April 30, 2012.

PICKETT, Wynona, 22,
died April 26, 2012.

PLATT, Marissa Regina,
infant, died April 29,

Cyle, age 2, died April 24,

Beatrice Gibbs, 70, died
April 29 2012.

ROBINSON, Annie Lou,
76, died April 29, 2012.

ROLIN, James L., 58,
died April 24, 2012.

ROLLINS, Christopher
Lamar, 37, died April 29,

ROTT, Carrie V., 77, died
April 27, 2012.

SMITH, Doris, died April
27, 2012.

STOCK, Jean Helen, 84,
died April 27, 2012.

STONE, Donna Ellen,
57, died April 28, 2012.

Frances, died April 27,

TAYLOR, Clyde Dell,
75, died April 29, 2012.

TAYLOR, Evelyn Jean
Chapman, 72, died April
28, 2012.



Barnard, 66, died April
28, 2012.

Bird Mayo, died April 28,

CURRY, Marvin, died
April 27, 2012.

GANDY, Stephen E., Sr.,
died May 1, 2012.

GAY, Winifred Jeanette
Peeples, 84, died April 30,

GEIGER, Ruby Smith,
79, died April 27, 2012.

GROOMS, Virginia, 85,
died April 27, 2012.

HOWARD, Nathaniel,
died May 1, 2012.

Rose Maynard, 52, died
April 28, 2012.

MARSHALL, Alvin Ray,
83, died April 30, 2012.

Rentz, 74, died April 26,

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Secretary General Honored in Jacksonville

Posted on 04 May 2012 by The Florida Star Online

On April 21st, at the New Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. Wallace J. Sibley and his wife, Dorothy Sibley, were honored with a banquet. Tributes came from all over the country. Dr. Sibley is the Secretary General of the Church of God International of Cleveland, Tennessee. He is the highest ranking Black man in the denomination. The sponsors were the Herring Family and Dr. Charles E. Wilson.

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Deaths – Week of March 24, 2012

Posted on 24 March 2012 by Admin Cheryl

ALLEN, Harold Nelson,
60, died March 17, 2012.

BANTHER, Richard
Larry, 66, died March 15, 2012.

Rudolph, 78, died March
15, 2012. C.L. Page
Mortuary, Inc.

BASINET, Buddy Alan,
47, died March 15, 2012.

Will, 93, died March 17,

BERRY, Bernard Israel,
67, died March 19, 2012.

BOOTH, Emory Edsel,
Jr., 60, died March 13,

BROWN, Susie, 73, died
March 16, 2012.

Desiree, died March 16,

CARBONI, Delores
Ann, 89, died March 18,

CARSON, Stephen
Howard, 59, died March
15, 2012.

CRANK, Carol Louise
Marcy, 57, died March
14, 2012.

CREWS, Edward L., 68,
died March 17, 2012.

DAVIS, Ronald Lee, 72,
died March 18, 2012.

DESMORE, Frances
Virginia, died March 17,
DOUGLAS, Laura M.,
92, died March 15, 2012.

Maureen, 59, died March
16, 2012.

FUSCO, Claude E., III,
31, died March 15, 2012.

GLISSON, Ruby, 91,
died March 19, 2012.

Jean, 78, died March 17,

Girl Elaina Mae, 3
months, died March 14,

JACKSON, Julia H., 80,
died March 20, 2012.

Joyce, 61, died March 17,

JOHNSON, Erving J, Jr.,
75, died March 17, 2012.

LENZEN, Adeline, 99,
died March 18, 2012.

LYKINS, Harold B., 54,
died March 14, 2012.

MANGHAM, Virginia
Ann Jenny, 64, died
March 17, 2012.

MURPHY, Edward D.,
92, died March 18, 2012.

PAIGE, Catherine, 75,
died Marcy 18, 2012.

PARKER, Willie Clyde,
Sr., died Marcy 16, 2012.

PATRICK, Patricia Pat,
81, died March 20, 2012.

Moss, Jr., 92, died March
17, 2012.

RYAN, Tim, died March
17, 2012.

SCOTT, Leonard
Bernard, Sr., died March
19, 2012.

SIMMONS, Charles
Lee, Jr., died March 18,

SOLOMON, Marlene
Stacea, 20, died March
18, 2012.

Rock, 80, died March 16,

STUMPF, Harry, died
March 17, 2012.

Howard, III, 24, died
March 18, 2012.

THOMAS, Willie A., 55,
died March 16, 2012.

C.L. Page Mortuary, Inc.
TURNER, Lyn E., 63,
died March 19, 2012.

VANCE, Gino, died
March 17, 2012.

WANLESS, Muriel, 91,
died March 18, 2012.

WILSON, Deborah L.,
58, died March 20, 2012.

D., 80, died March 17, 2012

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Deaths – Week of March 17, 2012

Posted on 17 March 2012 by Admin Cheryl

ALLISON, Ollie E., 92, died March 7, 2012.

BAILEY, Walter Warren, 64, died March 8, 2012.

BASS-CRISSMAN, Yvonne A., 58, died March 8, 2012.

BELL, David J., 46, died March 7, 2012.

BRUNNER, Larry Lee, died March 7, 2012.

BUSH, Thomas Lee, Sr., 82, died March 9, 2012.

COLE, Robert A., 67, died March 11, 2012.

CUMBERBATCH, Doreen, died March 10, 2012.

FISHER, Bruce Ira, 51, died March 7, 2012.

FOBBS, Ruth Mae, died March 7, 2012.

HARRISON, George, died March 8, 2012.

KING, Doris Holden, died March 8, 2012.

HOOPER, Barbara Lynn, 52, died March 7, 2012.

HUCKLEBERRY, Merdella M., 61, died March 7, 2012.

KELSEY, Virginia, died March 6, 2012.

LEVY, Jermaine Elliott, died March 7, 2012.

MAINOR, Ruby, died March 7, 2012.

MARTIN, Lakia N., died March 6, 2012.

McNEELY, Mary, 87, died March 9, 2012.

MERCER, Larry Don, 61, died March 8, 2012.

MIXON, Bonnie, 61, died March 6, 2012.

MUNDEN, Mildred Marie Dickinson, 85, died March 9, 2012.

NEWSOM, Delores Shields, died March 8, 2012.

PADGETT, Juanita Sellars, died March 9, 2012.

PERRY, Claude A., died March 9, 2012.

RHEUARK, Leland, 62, died March 6, 2012.

SANDERS, Joann Jones, 76, died March 6, 2012.

SCOTT, Teresa Eleanor, died March 8, 2012.

SHABAZZ, Malik Ali, died March 8, 2012.

THOMAS, Mary, 54, died March 8, 2012.

THOMAS, Reginald Leroy, died March 9, 2012.

TODD, Michael Ray, 52, died March 6, 2012.

UNDERWOOD, Landon Roosevelt, 75, died March 9, 2012.

WHITEHEAD, Rupert, Sr., 75, died March 6, 2012.

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Deaths – Week of March 10, 2012

Posted on 10 March 2012 by Admin Cheryl

ALFORD, Donald, Jr., 56, died February 29, 2012.
BERRIAN, Robert, 72, died March 4, 2012.
BOLDEN, Mildred Lee, died March 5, 2012.
BRYAN, Dean, 44, died March 4, 2012.
BYNUM, Sonya L., died March 5, 2012.
CLOER, Cheryl Ann, 59, died March 9, 2012.
COBB, Gary, Jr., died March 2, 2012.
CULVER, Herman Junior, 70, died March 2,  2012
DANIELS, Phyllis Abrams, died March 5, 2012.
DELEGAL, Evelyn, 75, died March 3, 2012.
DRIGGERS, Stanley, died March 6, 2012.
FOX, Russell Wayne, 8, died March 4, 2012.
GAMBLE, Catherine, 77, died March 2, 2012.
GARDNER, Early B., 87, died March 2, 2012.
GRAMM, Christine D.,72, died March 3, 2012.
HAGER, John, 77, died March 2, 2012.
HARGES, Julia E., 78, died March 5, 2012.
HARRIS, Gladys V., died March 4, 2012.
HARTUNG, Jeffrey Brock, 34, died March 4, 2012.
HORNER, Mary L., 76, died March 4, 2012.
HUGHES, Lawrence Monroe, died February 29, 2012.
JACKSON, Courtney Ann, died March 3, 2012.
JOHNSON, Sylvia Juanita, 70, died March 2,2012.
KEEPLER, Tony, died March 1, 2012.
McDOWELL, JoAnn Lee, died March 2, 2012.
McFARLAND, Sherman  P., Sr., 81, died March 4,   2012.
MOODY, Helen, 85, died March 1, 2012.
NEWTON, William Billy, Jr., 51, died March 1, 2012.
POTEE, Cressie Mae, died March 1, 2012.
READER, Jack T., died March 4, 2012.
RIVERA, Eric, 37, died March 2, 2012.
ROGERS, James S. Steve, 59, died March 4, 2012.
ROY, Jeannine T., 82, died March 1, 2012.
SCHOLZ, Frances, 86, died March 2, 2012.
SOLOMON, Darren Vance, 41, died March 1, 2012.
STALLARD, Cynthia Ann, 47, died March 2, 2012.
SWAIN, Rochell, died March 5, 2012.
TONGOL, Susan Daegele, 54, died March 2, 2012.
WILL, Richard Curt, died March 4, 2012.
WILLIAMS, Curtis, Jr., 61, died March 5, 2012.

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Video: 2012 MLK Breakfast honors Mrs. Willye Dennis

Posted on 10 March 2012 by Admin Cheryl

Mayor John Peyton delivered the keynote address at this year’s Jacksonville’s annual MLK Breakfast. The event also honored one of its founders, Mrs. Willye Dennis.

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Deaths – Week of March 3, 2012

Posted on 03 March 2012 by The Florida Star Online

AKE, Walter Maurice,
73, died February 23, 2012.

BARBER, Joseph, died
February 24, 2012.

BEBOUT, Carolyn Sue,
63, died February 26, 2012.

BLUNT, Izell, MD, died
February 19, 2012.

BOLING, Sarah Anne,
26, died February 21, 2012.

BOWMAN, Mary, died
February 22, 2012.

CLINTON, Thomas Jay,
died February 23, 2012.

CROFT, Wallace Dale,
Sr., 60, died February 20, 2012.

Dorrance Paul, 70, died
February 25, 2012.

DAVIS, James William
“Bill,” 84, died February 24, 2012.

DAVIS, Jerome, 61, died
February 29, 2012.

DILLON, Mary E. Roush, 93,
died February 24, 2012.

ELLIOTT, Randall Larry, 56,
died February 23, 2012.

EVERS, Anne, 86, died
February 22, 2012.

Glenn, 55, died February 24, 2012.

FUSSELL, Mary, died
February 25, 2012.

GADSON, Lillyan, 68, died February 24, 2012.

GAINES, Earnie Louise,
Died February 22, 2012.

GOSSETT, Delmer Lee, 92,
died February 22, 2012.

GREEN, Garrick, died
February 25, 2012.

GRIFFIN, Daniel Edward, 59,
Died February 25, 2012.

ISRAEL, Steven J., 61,
died February 27, 2012.

JENKINS, Charles E.,
died February 25, 2012.

JOHNSON, Percy, died
February 24, 2012.

JONES, Richard, died
February 24, 2012.

JONES, Robert, died
February 24, 2012.

LAHEY, Charlene
Elizabeth “Char,” 56,
died February 21, 2012.

LAMB, Danny G., 61,
died February 24, 2012.

LEVESQUE, Shirley,
died February 25, 2012.

LINK, Donald Leo, 68,
died February 22, 2012.

James, died February 25, 2012.

McLENDON, Dwayne Allen, 50,
died February 22, 2012.

Bruce, 64, died February 25, 2012.

PRICE, Ann Margaret,
died February 25, 2012.

PUTMAN, James, died
February 24, 2012.

REYNOLDS, Marjorie L, 85,
died February 24, 2012.

Anthony Joe, 84, died
February 25, 2012.

died February 23, 2012.

SIPOS, Annie, died
February 25, 2012.

STOREY, Veronica, died
February 22, 2012.

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Jacksonville Fight Back Florida

Posted on 20 April 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Photography: Frank M. Powell, III of The Florida Star

Congresswoman Corrine Brown and over 200 workers and students showed up and marched for the Jacksonville Fight Back Florida statewide rallie on March 25, 2011 from Hemming Park to Jacksonville City Hall.

The march is to demand an end to attacks on working people and students.

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We turned 60 on April 15th

Posted on 20 April 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Management and staff of The Florida Star wish to let you know how much we appreciate you for giving us the privilege to serve you for sixty years. Our dream is to continue to be a voice for the citizens of Jacksonville.

It was during trying times for people of color when Eric Simpson started this newspaper. Much progress was made for our people, who at that time, were called ‘colored’ and was very short on civil rights. But what helped to keep us on track and encouraged us as a race, was the work and efforts of citizens like Mr. Simpson through The Florida Star. They kept us informed.

We are facing tough times again in this country. We wish to follow the guidelines of our founder and stay informed as we keep you informed.

The Florida Star plans to celebrate our 60th birthday on June 17, 2011, the week of Juneteenth when all of Black Americans finally learned that slavery had ended. So, mark your calendar

We hope you will join us on that day as we work together to continue to move forward as a people. Again, thank you!

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Big Mayoral Candidates Debate Coming Up

Posted on 10 April 2011 by The Florida Star Online

You have the opportunity to make a difference based upon knowledge and information.

Mayoral candidates Alvin Brown and Mike Hogan who came out as the top two candidates of the large numberwho ran for the position of mayor of Jacksonville last month.

Alvin Brown is a Democrat and is currently Executive in Residence at Jacksonville University’s School of Business. He has worked as a senior advisor for President Clinton and Vice President Gore. He has an MBA from Jacksonville University. His goal is to create jobs, grow the economy, improve the schools and have an efficient and effective government for the city.

Mike Hogan, a Republican retired from BellSouth and has served two terms as Tax Collector, two terms as a city councilman and two terms as a state representative.

Hogan received a BA degree from the University of South Florida and wishes to restore fiscal order, rebuild citizens; trust and create economic growth and jobs in Jacksonville.

They will debate on April 15 at the First Coast Tiger Bay Club, 904-396-6454 and on Channel 4 from 8 to 9 p.m. on April 25. Early voting begins May 2 and May 17 is election day.

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AKA’s Honored in State Capitol – Tallahassee, Florida

Posted on 07 April 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, joined Florida State Representative Mia Jones in Tallahassee.

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Changes Planned for Medicaid

Posted on 07 April 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Two Republican-sponsored bills backed by Gov. Rick Scott (House Bill 7107 and House Bill 7109) that shift Florida’s responsibility of providing health care for the poor and disabled to for-profit managed care companies are in the midst of being debated.

Rep. Mia Jones of Jacksonville said, “Don’t be fooled. This doesn’t mean the state is going to save money. The state is shifting costs and will pay a larger amount once (Medicaid recipients) end up having to receive more expensive care in the emergency rooms.”

Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach said, “This is a massive shift to for-profit, capitated care that will reduce the scope amount and duration of care… We have a governor who transferred Solantic to his wife, the first lady of the state, and apparently, the media has found a connection to this bill…There are tremendous conflicts of interest in this bill… This is a giveaway of 20 billion dollars a year to for-profit; private managed care companies outside the sunshine.”

Taxpayers lose accountability when for-profit private insurance companies take over.

There are several talking points regarding these bills that should be pointed out to the public since they are not in the best interest of Florida taxpayers.

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Posted on 25 March 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Photos by Frank M. Powell, III

African American Bikers from around the United States gathered at Daytona Beach on Dr. Mary M. Bethune Blvd., riding their bikes along the road as more than 4,000 spectators watched from both sides of the street.

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Have you learned yet? Voting is Essential

Posted on 13 March 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Leaders of the Jacksonville community gathered to encourage citizens to vote in this upcoming city election for city positions. Those in attendance included ministers and present politicians. They were able to remind the community the problems the country is now facing because many did not vote in this past election. The pain and suffering is, and will continue to be in the minority communities if we do not go out to vote.

Early voting, where citizens can vote at any precinct convenient to them daily until March 20 when early voting ends. Election day is March 22, 2011. At that time, you can only vote in your precinct.

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, IS “TAKE A SOUL TO THE POLL DAY.” Pastors are being encouraged to take their congregations to the Poll after worship service on Sunday to encourage them to exercise their right to vote. REMEMBER, national and state wide elections are important but local elections are much more important.

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Commit a Crime – Serve Overtime

Posted on 13 March 2011 by The Florida Star Online

After many years of protesting and voting, Florida finally allowed freedom for non violent felons to return and serve their community as well as vote in elections. Governor Crist signed the bill soon after he was seated as governor of Florida. He served one term as governor. Now, the newly elected governor, Rick Scott, apparently did not agree with the change and has received approval of new clemency policies. The new policies are a step backwards to many but may just be a clear step forward for those millionaires and government haters. The new policy requires ex-felons to wait five to seven years before seeking restorations of civil rights in order to vote and hold public office.

Therefore, after paying their debt for the act committed, they must continue to pay an additional five to seven years. Is this to give the millionaires more time to hold on to the proposed tax cuts and keep the unemployed, unemployed? Did Governor Scott and Lt. Gov. Carroll evaluate or investigate what beneficial progress has been made since Gov. Crist signed his document in 2007 for the State of Florida, and not just the wealthy?

It is believed by many that the new policy is politically and financially motivated and is not in the best interest of the state or the thousand of ex-felons who were looking forward to restoration. A lot has been learned about this country since President Obama moved to the White House. He is trying to do the job he was elected to do, meeting all kinds of obstructions when many agree or disagree with him.

This move, to many, is just another tactic to obstruct.

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Obituaries of the week of March 5th – March 11th

Posted on 04 March 2011 by The Florida Star Online

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Sharks Defense Quell The Tampa Bay Storm For The Win 56-19

Posted on 04 March 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Scott Jurrens
Photo by Joseph Lorentzon

Monday night football returned to Jacksonville at Sea Best Field as the Jacksonville Sharks, the 2010 defending Southern Division champions, hosting The Tampa Bay Storm and obliterated them 56-19.

The Sharks defense or as fans might say, deFINse, took the Tampa Bay Storm out of the game early. The Storm received the ball first and promptly scored a touchdown on their first offensive play. The Sharks struck back immediately on an Aaron Garcia pass to Jomo Wilson and lead from that point on.

The Sharks added another touchdown (Terrence Smith) and field goal (Marco Capozzoli) in the first quarter. Sharks players Ventrell Jenkins added a 2-point safety, another touchdown each for Jomo Wilson and Terrence Smith in the second quarter before the Storm added six points by Jarriet Buie. At the half, the score was Sharks 33, Storm 13.

Terrence Smith scored his third touchdown of the night in the third quarter with 4:56 remaining on the game clock.

In the 4th quarter, the Storm got another six points on the scoreboard courtesy of Corey Surrency early in last quarter. After that, the Sharks Tyronne Gross scored two consecutive touchdowns and another defensive sack/safety by the Shark defense finished the game for the total of Sharks 56, Storm 19.

Approximately 6,000 fans showed up for this free game/scrimmage with a donation of a canned good for Second Harvest and even the parking was free. In only the second season of existence, diehard Shark fans showed up in custom Shark jerseys and costumes such as Land Shark, Hammer Head and Loan Shark as examples.

The Jacksonville Sharks open the 2011 season on the road on March 12 at 9:00 PM playing the Arizona Rattlers. The first Sharks home game is March 18 at 8:00 PM versus the Georgia Force on Game Show Night.

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Crime and Justice (Print Version)

Posted on 12 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Julia N. Bowles

Please click to enlarge and view in the PDF format.



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Obituaries of the week of Feb. 12th – Feb. 18th

Posted on 12 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

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Michelle Dies of Murder, Larry Commits Suicide

Posted on 12 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

It started on January 10, 2011, when Michelle McCoy, left home and told her twin sister that she felt fear and requested she call her later. Her sister followed through but Michelle never answered her telephone.

The family stated, according to reports, that after a few days and not hearing from Michelle, they reported her missing. It was also learned that a witness said that on the night of January 10, he saw Michelle being forced into a silver or grey mini-van, and called 911. He also attempted to follow the van but lost contact. An officer from the Sheriff’s Office did come to investigate the caller’s report but did find, according to reports, information that made him feel she was actually not in danger since the family did not provide a name of the person she was going to meet, that caused her fear.

The family became more concern and placed flyers around the area and reported her missing on January 28. MAD DADS and other members of the community joined together to search for Michelle and on February 4, 2011, Michelle’s remains were found in an area that The Florida Star was told, belonged to members of the Thompson family. The Florida Star was also told that Michelle and Larry had a romantic relationship, despite the difference in age. In fact, Thompson family members advised The Star that Larry was very proud of his relationship with Michelle and told them that he was providing financial support to Michelle, and other members of her family, including her grandparents. They also stated that Michelle spent many nights at the home of Larry Thompson and his neighbors could confirm such. They said this should explain to many why she was not reported missing immediately. They said Thompson family members met Michelle more than a year ago, when she was 19 years of age, after they asked Larry if she was an adult, and that is when he told them that she was 19.

Thompson family members said that Larry did all that he could to take care of his beautiful young lady and members of her family. He would buy her whatever she wanted. He said that “they (her family members) like me very much.” He also said that he wanted to please Michelle because she made him feel better than he had ever felt in his life. Thompson family members said that they felt Michelle’s fear started when Larry was told that Michelle was showing interest in one of his nephews.

One of Larry Thompson’s family members said that another relative was arrested after Michelle’s disappearance and feel that it is possible that he is the person that gave JSO the leads and may have been with Larry on Michelle’s last day to be known to be alive.

Michelle McCoy died from blunt force trauma, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The relative that talked with The Star said that she spoke with Larry while the SWAT Team had him surrounded and he told her where he had placed the keys to a car and that he did not kill Michelle. He again said to them that he did not want to go to jail. He felt that no one would believe him. They begged him to give himself up and perhaps they could get him mental help as well as help to prove that he was not the one who did the actual killing of Michelle.

While on the telephone with The Florida Star, the relative heard it announced on the news that the SWAT team had entered the house and found Larry was deceased with a gun in his hand, in an apparent suicide. She then decided to cease the telephone call and join other family members. She said it bothers them that the news keep reporting that Larry abducted Michelle. “He was her ‘sugar daddy’.”

The family member did not wish her name published but did wish the community to know their side of the story.

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Jax Man Shot in Drive by 3rd Time in a Year

Posted on 07 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

A North Jacksonville man was shot early Monday night, the third time in the past year according to what his family told local police.

The 53-year-old man and his 47-year-old brother had been conversing as they stood outside in front of the home they shared. Just before 5:30 p.m. that evening, a man in a green Ford Explorer pulled up to the curb, leaned out of the window and sprayed the two men with bullets as they dove to the ground.

The older brother stood soon after the driver sped off and found that the younger man had been shot. Enraged, he ran to his car and pursued the Explorer, calling police on his cell phone with a description and license plate number.

Someone in the Explorer noticed his pursuit and fired at the man through the window, hitting him once in the shoulder. The man was unable to apprehend the assailant.

Both brothers were taken to Shands Jacksonville for medical treatment. As no arrests or warrants have been announced, all parties involved remain publicly unidentified.

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NASCAR GRAND-AM 49th Running of the Rolex 24

Posted on 07 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

On January 30, 2011 Daytona Beach had their annual NASCAR Grand- Am 49th Running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona Beach International Speedway.

Bill Lester’s #88 team was running steadily in the top 10 after starting 28th. A suspension failure at 2:30 a.m. dropped them back. They recovered to finish 14th in GT and 20th overall.

It was Bill’s first race in a Camaro. “I’m coming – I’ll get there,” Lester said after the race. Bill Lester is the only African American to participate in the race.

Scott Pruett #01 wins fourth Rolex 24, helps car owner to victory in fourth major race at Daytona International Speedway.

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Found Remains belong to Michelle [UPDATE]

Posted on 07 February 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Unfortunately, what was believed by her family was confirmed by police. The remains were positively identified by the Medical Examiner belonging to Michelle McCoy.

Larry Thompson (52) is wanted in connection to McCoy’s disappearance. He currently has a warrant for his arrest on charges of kidnapping.  Thompson has not been charged with McCoy’s murder and it is still uncertain what happened the night of her disappearance.

The community joined in the search for Michelle McCoy, who was reported missing by her family, and finally by JSO, two weeks later. JSO made decision to report Michelle’s disappearance after it was reported by someone that she was seen being forced into a silver minivan in the 8900 block of Washington Avenue, near her home. According to the witness, a shoe, rope and other evidence led him to believe Michelle was being kidnapped at the time he made the observation.

Michelle’s twin sister advised that Michelle had reservations about meeting a man she knew and asked her to call her later, on the day that she disappeared. She did so, but Michelle did not answer her phone.

The man who suspected a kidnapping, called 911 but investigators said they were not able to locate the described vehicle. The man making the report, kept the items he found at the scene and gave them to JSO later.

Sheriff Rutherford said, based upon reports to them, they have been searching the Ribault River Lane area, off Winton Drive. A second tip led them to the area where the body of a female, believed to be Michelle was found.

Sheriff Rutherford, during his press conference said that he could not release details about why they believe the remains found are believed to be Michelle. He did advise that the public fear of a loose kidnapper can be eliminated since based on evidence so far, Michelle was the target of her killer. Both Donald Foy and Linda Dayson held prayer vigils and searches for Michelle with their organizations.

The Sheriff’s Department have stated that they will investigate the manner in which the officer who took the report of Michelle’s possible kidnapping and her missing report was handled. No suspect had been listed at the time of this report.

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First Stellar Award for Jacksonville

Posted on 24 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Ms. Deborah Maiden, owner and general manager of WCGL-AM1360 radio station, holds the Stellar Award certificate and trophy for 2011, awarded the station on January 15, 2011.

WCGL (Where Christ Gets Lifted) won the award over other medium market stations in the United Stations while in Nashville, TN.

WCGL is Jacksonville’s first station to receive this award.

This is a first for the city of Jacksonville! And this year, WCGL was the only Florida station nominated for Station of the Year! WCGL was selected the winner over its other medium market nominees: KPZK-FM 102.5-Little Rock, AR; WJYD 106.3 FM-Columbus, OH; and WRJD 1410 AM -Durham, NC!

The win took place during the 26h Annual Stellar Awards weekend, Saturday, January 15th at the Radio Station of the Year Ceremony at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

The event consisted of musical performances by Veronica Petrucci (formerly of the 90’s duo Angelo & Veronica); Canton Jones, gospel music newcomer, Monica Lisa Stevenson; rap artist LaCrae; Rev. Norman Hutchins; and, Tim Rogers & The Fellas.

Also awarded were Station of the Year in the Small, Large, and Major Market categories as well. Plus, event sponsor Central South Distribution saluted several announcers with their Reach Awards.

Along with WCGL general manager Deborah Maiden, staffers Kelvin Postell, Operations Manager, Karen Jones, Senior Account Executive, and on-air personality Wanda “Wanda P” Patterson were present at event.

Once the station’s name was announced the winner, thunderous cheers and applause came from some of Jacksonville’s own who were in the audience also: Troy & Emil Sneed of Emtro Records; show host Candice Jones & her husband William, artist Jermaine Taylor, DJ Will, WCGL listener and loyal fan Violin Henderson, singers Emma Holmes and, Ann Reynolds.

The Radio Station of the Year Ceremony was part of The Stellar Awards Weekend, Jan. 13-15, 2011 in Nashville, TN. The weekend’s events included the ‘Verizon Wireless-How Sweet The Sound Choir Boot Camp’; Stellar Awards Pre-Show, all culminating with the main event, The 26th Annual Stellar Awards, hosted by Donnie McClurkin and produced by Central City Productions.

The 26th Annual Stellar Awards will air in National Syndication from Jan. 22 thru March 13, 2011. Locally, the show is set to air on Saturday, February 5, at 3pm on WAWS 30.

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Jacksonville has the Giants

Posted on 18 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Jacksonville may be a little disappointed because the Jaguars did not make the playoff, but the city still has other reasons to feel proud in the area of sports. Of course, we still love the Jags.

The Jacksonville Suns is getting a new coach and now the city has acquired an ABA team. It is not the NBA but with the way the team is playing, maybe even it can become a NBA team.

The Jacksonville Giants played their first game on December 1 and will be playing their eleventh game at home on January 15 and another on January 16. If they can keep the same momentum of having not lost a game yet, we are on our way.

The Giants are (10-0) and are number two in the American Basketball Association. The fan base is growing. All home games will be at Veterans Memorial Arena here in Jacksonville. Go Giants!

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