Bridge the wealth gap by owning a home

January 7, 2017

By Edward Gaston The Florida Star columnist From predatory lending and foreclosures to wealth stripping and income inequality, the national wealth gap is relevant and ongoing. The wealth gap continues to expand based on one […]


November 8, 2016

Every African American child, especially girls, have been told that you have to work hard to get a good education in order to make it in this world. Then later in life that same African […]

What Blacks have to gain with Hillary Clinton as President

September 28, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is fond of asking, often belligerently and in front of predominantly white audiences, what African-Americans have to lose by voting for him. He presents a vision of dystopia, where African-Americans […]

The Gantt Report: Them Changes

September 5, 2016

By Lucius Gantt People are quick to say something every time a Black man stands up and protests. These days, people with money, people with benefits and people with power that embrace the status quo […]

Get out and VOTE Tuesday on Election Day

November 1, 2014

It is your voice, your right and your duty to vote, exercise it! “Why Vote Florida?” is crucial in determining your current and future rights as citizens in Florida and America. Our goal is to […]

A Call to the Black Church

January 17, 2011

I don’t think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned his head to the negative activity in his backyard were he alive today. […]

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