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Straight Outta Compton: Police Presence & Perception

Posted on 22 August 2015 by The Florida Star Online

Renata HannansRenata Hannans, The Hope Dealer

I viewed the docudrama on Saturday night at Regal Cinemas on Beach Blvd. Upon
purchasing my tickets, a movie employee asked me did I mind if she searched my purse.
I replied “Yes I mind.” standing to her left was a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office patrolman, so reluctantly I unzipped my handbag so that she could see the contents inside. TContinue Reading

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Get out and VOTE Tuesday on Election Day

Posted on 01 November 2014 by The Florida Star Web Editor

black_voteIt is your voice, your right and your duty to vote, exercise it!

“Why Vote Florida?” is crucial in determining your current and future rights as citizens in Florida and
America. Our goal is to increase voter turnout by an additional two (2) percent or more from October 20 through November 2 during early voting and on Election Day – November 4, 2014. TContinue Reading

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2014 State of The Union Address in full

Posted on 30 January 2014 by Admin Arthia


As Prepared for Delivery –

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:

Today in America, TContinue Reading

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57 ARRESTED: Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Resigns

Posted on 18 March 2013 by Admin Arthia


Fmr Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Caroll Resigns

As of Thursday, Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll’s official page was displaying ‘Page Not Found’ error. The page was most likely removed after she tendered her resignation on Wednesday – the same day 57 people connected to the Allied Veterans of the World, were arrested on charges related to racketeering and money laundering. It is further alleged TContinue Reading

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Brunswick NAACP Installs New Officers

Posted on 18 March 2013 by Admin Arthia

Brunswick NAACP’s President Dr. John Perry and Vice President Ron Stokely

The  NAACP officially began a new era in it’s Brunswick  branch, as elected officers were publicly sworn into office last week.  The installation ceremony was held on Sunday, March 10th at the Zion Baptist Church where the guest speaker was Rev. Antony Walk.

The installation charge  was give to Officers and Executive Board by the former President C A Lee. The charge was followed up by the

passing the torch of leadership to Dr. John Davis Perry II the newly installed president of the local branch.

Following his comunity greeting, Perry wasted no time declaring:  TContinue Reading

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Violence Against Women Act Expires Nationwide

Posted on 11 January 2013 by Admin Arthia

The News Service of Florida reported that advocates for battered women and sexual assault survivors are totally shocked that Congress adjourned without taking up a bill that would have reauthorized the Violence Women Act.

The report says that the criminal justice system was helping those abused victims by providing services. It stated that since Florida has such a large population of immigrant women, there is a higher risk for violence in relationships.

The act has been reauthorized twice and, TContinue Reading

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A Call to the Black Church

Posted on 17 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Bruce  A. Davis

One evening I stood on a corner and watched a lot of young black males sell drugs while a caravan of cars pulled up to the same house as if they were placing orders at a fast food pickup window.

Directly across the street I saw a Black Church. The members were in the parking lot greeting one another before they attended service. No one bothered to even look across the street.

I don’t think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned his head to the negative activity in his backyard were he alive today. He probably would have walked across the street and talked to the black males and found out what kind of level they were on before trying to raise their conscienceness. I wouldn’t have been surprised either if many of them stopped their activities to at least hear what he had to say.

At the turn of the century, secular organizations The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP), The Garvey Movement, and the Nation of Islam became prominent proponents for the black cause. The Black Church was referred to as do-nothing institutions because its influence had waned.

The civil rights movement sparked a resurgence in the Black Church. The movement was led by Dr. King, who transformed it from a passive institution to an instrument for social change.

Dr. King preached and argued that religion has a social as well as a spiritual mission, and that it should be concerned with the whole person and not just the soul.

Noted black scholar Eric Lincoln wrote in his analysis of the Black Church, The State of Black America, “[t]he Black Church is alive, alert, addressed to the realities of our times.” A lot has waned in fourteen years.

During the Jim Crow era the Black Church became the most important economic institution in the black community. It had to steel itself against the economic woes brought on by the Jim Crow laws. As a result, insurance companies, mutual associations, banks, and educational institutions were created. When the Civil War ended, the Black Church immediately stepped forth to construct educational institutions for the black community.

The same impetus is needed now more than ever if the Black Church is to become a great institution producing programs and solutions for our ravished and impoverished communities.

Long before the government implemented social and welfare programs the Black Church was serving as a social institution, a social clearing house for the betterment of its people.

It might benefit the black community to delve into the civil rights era and understand better the role the Black Church played socially in our communities. We could probably create more solutions to combat the social ills that fluctuate daily in our communities. After all, Dr. King’s dream wasn’t only about civil rights or race; it was also targeted at the chaos in the black community.

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Goodbye to the America We Know and Love

Posted on 27 November 2010 by The Florida Star Online

What is going to destroy America if we don’t act now?
(1) The Party of “No”
(2) The Tea Party

The two parties above are trying to misdirect our thinking by putting emphasis on racism, religion and the economy. They have the money and the power and are about to achieve their goal, being so greedy that they can’t see that they are destroying America. They just need to look at the old philosophical statement – “Greed and common sense can’t sit at the same table.” But, in a way, that is understood because common sense is not common.

Their first unexpected moves:
1. Obama was elected president.
2. The census predicted that the majority will soon become the minority.

Now first, let us make this clear. It is not all of the people in America, not even the majority that is a part of this ‘fear’ strategy. It is only the ‘party of no’ and the ‘tea party.’

When the party of no took control of the White House, had control of the house and senate, there was a surplus in the American budget. America was in the black and we were considered the number one country in the world. This budget surplus was left by President Bill Clinton. The controlling party was so angry with this Democratic president that they activated impeachment proceedings against him, dealing only with moral values – ‘he had a sexual encounter with a female that was not his wife, and denied it – under oath.’ Since that trial, how many representatives, local, state and nationally, have had their sexual encounters exposed?

The surplus funds that were present when the Republican Party took over were quickly depleted as a large amount of it was spent because we entered a war of ‘mass destruction,’ advising that we were at war with an enemy country, led by Hassan Hussein. This was our first step of hate towards Muslims. People became afraid to ride in taxi cabs driven by persons from Arab nations since they felt that all Arabs, Iranians, and the like, were terrorist Muslims.

Along with the issue of terrorism, the lending institutions, investment bankers and the housing market saw a way to get the American people in a world of high hopes. You can now own your own home and fulfill your American dream. The industry leaders understood the program designed for the housing market would make the homeowner get into a rut when they could not get the persuaded pay increase to match the escalating mortgage payments. But what they did not consider was those homeowners who could make the payment but would walk away from the luxury homes because the large number of foreclosures would decrease the value of the properties and that these money folks would not purchase the foreclosed home to make them rental properties because the decrease in value would be too dramatic.

Another shock to them was the fact that the voters were so fed up with the increase in most of everyday living expenses and the price of gas, they would vote for a president who could see and understand the strategy used and change the laws of Wall Street, the banking and credit card industry, the insurance industry and like companies so that the new laws would not continue to place a burden on low and middle income citizens while the wealthy enjoyed a huge surplus in funds.

They also did not predict that the same administration would evaluate and see how the rich was able to place their surplus funds in overseas banks and outsource jobs while they escaped paying taxes on those extremely large dollars compared to low and middle income Americans. In addition, the rich had a higher percentage of tax benefits then poor and middle class Americans.

What is so sad is the majority of the Tea Party participants are so focused on religion such as who is Christian and who is Muslim as well as the racial changes, it increased their fear of no longer being the majority in spite of the fact that many Blacks and Hispanics are in the prison system for crimes such as the use of crack cocaine while few of the higher income citizens who use cocaine are not in prison because the penalties for the use of crack cocaine has been one to 100 higher than that of the expensive cocaine that the poor and lower income could not afford. Therefore, until this present administration, the penalties placed the users of “cheap crack” in prison for long terms.

So, all the Tea Party can say is, “We want our country back” meaning, we can’t let these minorities become the majority. Lets bear down on immigration even though they know that their ancestors came from many other countries to a land populated by Indians with a slogan on the Statue of Liberty saying, ‘Give me your tired, your poor.’ But of course, they were able to take over from the Indians through fighting weapons and strategies. Now it is their country and they want it back, but not like it was when the ‘founding fathers’ took over from the minorities and became the “new” founders.

To add fuel to the fire, all of a sudden, everybody and everything is focused or concerned about race. Why? Is it because the strategy is to prove that America can no longer be prosperous if it is led by a person who is not of the majority race? Look at the recent attacks on Black politicians. Race is now a big issue and so is being female. Oh, you women did not know that? Sarah Palin, if she is able to get to the White House, she will see the attacks made on President Obama will be minute compared to the attacks she will receive.

It does not take much to figure why they question President Obama’s birth certificate and religion. Hawaii is an American state and he is not a Muslim – for goodness sake, he eats pork (hamburgers).

It was believed that most got over religion when President Kennedy was elected, even though he was of the Catholic faith. But, maybe we did not get a chance to see how some Americans felt about his religious faith since he was assassinated not long after he took his seat and embarked upon a battle for equal rights for all Americans. Like President Obama, his goal was to make a change. President Kennedy was not in the White House long enough and security did not have the technical advances that exist today. But prayers still go up for the health and safety of our present president.

Now that we have a better understanding or view of this strategy that is being played today, what can we do to stop the destruction of America?

We cannot continue to allow the strategies and games being played, including those efforts to change laws and our constitution, to forget who placed this country in a economical hole, who started the war, who keep bringing up issue regarding race as if that is a focus point, who caused the housing problems, who caused the Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae crises, who misrepresented the student loans and accepted fees for doing nothing while graduates struggled to pay the loans off; who caused the high misleading financial fees, who outsourced the jobs; who allowed more import of foreign goods than what was being purchased from us and being exported.

What we should also remember is who came into office less than two years ago and immediately began to make positive changes such as equal pay for women and more.

We should not forget that every proposed improvement made by President Obama was met with a “no” by the entire party. He wanted health care for all but many of the benefits that he wanted, were amended to get passed those representatives and senators on the other side of the aisle.

For a country whose motto is “In God we trust,” changes still have been made so there is a small growth in the economy monthly.

We now have better housing laws; we now have better loans for higher education; we now have banking reform, we now have credit card reforms; we now have health care reform for all Americans; we now have equal pay for women and many, many more.

The Republicans are now back in because many Americans did not understand or received distorted information. They voted out of fear and the formed a pact. Those elected have pledged to reverse all of the changes, and even though they are not in yet, those who are waiting for them to come, have begun a destructive path for America, by not extending unemployment benefits. Those who were elected received their votes by pledging to “get rid of Obama” or work to see that he not serve a second term.

You have begun the journey that will allow the party of no back in or the tea party who ‘want their country back’ (power they don’t even understand and really are not a part of because they will NOT REAP THE BENEFITS OF THE WEALTHY), America will truly be destroyed but not by terrorist. And think, your children, grand children and great, great grands will truly suffer because the party of “No say, “Hell No. “ You must say”ditto – you can’t come back in.”

“We love America and we want to keep it as the number one nation in the world.” To do so, you can no longer sit back while doing nothing. You must take an active role in getting America back on the success trail or be destroyed. We can’t wait, “it’s just that simple.”

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Challenging Racial Prejudice

Posted on 20 November 2010 by The Florida Star Online

Challenging racial prejudice in the United States in the 1950s was a daunting undertaking and continues today. While African-Americans, in the main, again bore the brunt of the backlash, no single person, group, or institution put civil rights on the national agenda, and no one person, group, or institution saw to it that it stayed on the national agenda.

The changes in attitude and law that did occur, came about as the result of a shared commitment from many, many people who took risks, highlighted injustice, and press the cause for change. That commitment was not an easy one to make then and is missing on present civil and human rights agendas.

Today, its easy for some to forget the historical era of the fifties and sixties and the frequent deaths of civil rights activists. This is largely due to the lack of Black History infused in school curriculums and Baby Boomers failing to tell their children and grandchildren the stories as it relates to the civil rights movement.

During the civil rights movement, tens of thousands of people of all races risked not just their standing in the community, but also their lives, in the hope of building a coalition for racial equality that could not possibly be ignored. They succeeded in building coalitions, even if the highest ideals of the cause they promoted remain in some cases, unfulfilled.

The Movement as it came to be known was fueled not only by courageous African-Americans, but also by college students and religious leaders of many races. These activists employed the tactics of legal challenges and civil protests including sit-ins, marches, freedom rides and other initiatives in their efforts to see that African-Americans received equal opportunity and protection in the United States.

As some groups and individuals are advocating take back America, its important that the religious and civil rights communities rekindle a diverse movement that seeks to reform the criminal justice system, in the United States. Also to dismantle the influence of public, private, political, and economic interests in the prison industrial complex.

Over the years, I have come to see more and more clearly the ways in which the criminal/juvenile justice and the prison system in the United States is fundamentally, bias and must be at the top of a modern day civil and human rights movement.

Disparity has raised its ugly head in Congress against two senior political icons, Representatives Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters and because I care passionately about dismantling racism on all levels, we must address this modern day crisis as it continues to create hardships and fill jails and prisons and at a great lost and cost to African Americans, other minorities, and the poor.

“At no time do we condone wrongness on either side of the wall”

Richard P. Burton, Sr., Director

P.O. Box 440248
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Bus: 904-786-7883 Cell: 610-349-3358

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Preview Print Issue: September 26, 2009

Posted on 26 September 2009 by The Florida Star Online


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Preview Print Issue: September 19 2009

Posted on 19 September 2009 by The Florida Star Online


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Preview Print Issue: September 5, 2009

Posted on 05 September 2009 by The Florida Star Online


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Preview Print Issue: August 29, 2009

Posted on 29 August 2009 by The Florida Star Online


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