Brunswick Pastor Caught On Camera

By Arthia Nixon Florida/Georgia Star

A Brunswick pastor has come under fire after a YouTube video surfaced of him publicly discussing several current issues while using cuss words and blasting several prominent members of the community.

The man, Kenneth Adkins was spotted in a Brunswick barbershop wearing a red shirt holding a conversation in which he referred to whites as crackers and blacks and niggers.

During the seven minute long rant he was clearly heard saying “I don’t f*ck with them” when referring to some people. In addition to accusing former judge Amanda Williams of several things, he talked about a local man who went to jail for not paying jailed support stating “he went to jail because he wasn’t gonna give that ho’ none of his money”, referring to the man’s wife. In another shocking part of the video, Adkins stated: “I’m saying it’s the black leaders’ fault. I’m saying it’s the old school. I’m saying it’s [name illegible], Robert Griffin, and Buck Rogers and all y’all’s fault and all of you in here who have been the HNIC – the head n*gger in charge of being in a city like this.”

He accused the upstanding men who have tirelessly given to the community of working along with people like Williams and not looking out for “po’ n*ggers”.

“[They] allow this to happen because they were getting their money,” ranted Adkins. “They were getting their houses paid for…” Perhaps the most shocking part of the video was to hear Adkins view of the people he pastors. Most shocking however was to hear him describe his role in the community. “I’ve got to pastor these poor ass n*ggers,” he said.

“I got their best interests… Mark Baker is always going to be a rich n*gger… So I don’t hold the light with these street n*ggers. I ain’t never gonna not have … I tell the sisters I don’t give a damn if they have one or two baby daddies. I’ve got my best interest because I’m trying to look out for me.”

Up to press time, the video had over 2,000 views and several comments.

Editor’s note: The names Walter McNeely and Buck Crosby were incorrectly identified in the original printing of this article.

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