Brunswick Gives Thanks As Churches Step Up To Help Community For Thanksgiving

Mark Baker, Pastor of Greater Works Than These Ministry Brunswick, GA stands in the center of volunteers assisting with the food outreach.


(BRUNSWICK) In the season and spirit of giving and being their brother’s keepers, Greater Works Than These Ministries did not wait until Thanksgiving to share with the community. This year, hundreds were fed as the result of the generosity extended as early as Sunday, leading up to the first true American holiday.

“There were literally hundreds of people who lined up and churches were there to assist,” said volunteer Fred Wrice. “Thank God they stepped in because based on the amount of people who came out, it is evident that we have to fill a void in the community. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see the amount of people who showed up on behalf of themselves and in some cases, on behalf of others who were physically unable to come and stand in the long lines.”

Rev. Mark Baker and his flock at Greater Works Than These Ministries gave out 300 hams and 300 turkeys plus bags and boxes  of food at the two Winn Dixie locations on Altama Avenue and Glynn Avenue/Hwy 17.  Fishers of Men World Harvest Christian Church, led by Bishop Dr. Alfred Jackson, known for their community food outreach program every other Tuesday, stepped up as well on Sunday by extending their normal giveaway to accommodate the amount of families who needed assistance.

Georgia Star photographer Angela Favors-Morrell was invited to the scene by Mary Parish, a respected community member who feeds the community on Mondays from Zion Baptist Church.  “Ms. Parish was just so excited when she called me,” said Mrs. Favors-Morrell. “She had gone by and seen the masses of people there and her heart went out when she realized they could not assist everyone because they were running low on supplies. So she got in contact with her church and asked to prepare 100 kits and they rushed down to help.

“Then when I got there I saw why she was touched and I called Barbara Jackson, a senior pastor at Fishers of Men. They were already doing a their annual harvest giveaway at her church and she still provided an additional 100 food kits when she heard Rev. Baker’s team was running out. I think it was a tremendous community effort and I love it that it embodies the message of the season of coming together as a family to take care of each other.”


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