Brunswick City Commissioner James Brooks
Brunswick City Commissioner James Brooks arrested in baby death

By Arthia Nixon Florida/Georgia Star

Brunswick Commissioner James M. Brooks, was arrested for obstruction of justice in the death of the 13 month old shot in his stroller.

He also has a six-count indictment claiming he aceepted payment from applicants for city police jobs, liquor licenses and permits. He was said to influence other officials on their behalf. Additionally, Brooks was charged with three counts of violating his oath of office. He also had and two counts of using his position to influence another officer or employee of the city. The quaint and quiet charm of Brunswick has been making international headlines following the death of 13 month-old Antonio Santiago who was shot “between the eyes” in his stroller during a morning walk. Glynn county was inundated with a variety of media houses and affiliates who came to town to follow the story which has since taken on a life of its own. Our Facebook readers and Youtube watchers expressed their views since we first broke the story and have continued to be vocal with as the suspects in the case were revealed to be 17 year-old De’Marquis Elkins and a 14 year-old accomplice. After a manhunt by local authorities, the aunt of one of the teens drove them to the police in her car. Meanwhile, a gun believed to be used in the shooting was recovered. Readers followed along as it was revealed that the baby lost an older brother to violence and the mother of the deceased baby was said to have identified the accused teens via a reporter’s cellphone. It was also later learned that a family member of the child was also in law enforcement. Shock rang through the community when police arrested Katrina and Karimah Elkins, the aunt and mother of the 17 year-old suspect for making false statements to law enforcement officials.  Another family member attached to the case is the daughter of Sherry West whose has stated that her mother’s story “simply doesn’t add up”. Ashley claimed when her mother spoke to her about the shooting and said “how soon do you think the life insurance policy will send me a check?” Ashley also stated her mother is bipolar and schizophrenic and that she had changed her story on the shooting. Still, as everyone has their day in court, Brunswick will be under close watch as the media continues to follow this drama that hit a little too close to home.


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