BREAKING NEWS: 18 Children Among 27 Dead In Elementary School Shooting: Comes Hours After 22 Kids Stabbed At School In China

Posted on 14 December 2012 by Admin Arthia

Children being led away from crime scene (Photo: Shannon Hicks, AP)


Florida/Georgia Star

Just hours after sympathizing over news that 22 children and an 85 year-old woman were stabbed at a school in China by a “deranged madman”, America would find itself in the international spotlight for another school shooting. (DEVELOPING)

As of 1p.m, unconfirmed reports reaching our newsroom said that 18 children were among the 27 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut after a 20 year-old gunman entered the school with bullet proof vest and four weapons. Parents received a town wide call that there was a shooting but the school had not been named. Shortly after that, a text alert reaching those with children at Sandy Hook indicated that this was the school that was under attack.

The school’s 600 plus students were in classes with an average of 16 to 18 students. The school’s principal is counted among the dead and an entire kindergarten class is unaccounted for, believed to be massacred in the tragedy.

A press conference was planned for 1p.m. but has been delayed. Uninjured students and teachers were led away from the scene, many of them already reunited with their families. The FBI has been dispatched to help local authorities. President Obama is expected to address the incident and was told about it at about 10:30a.m


Lt Paul Vance, CT State Police told reporters that just after 9.30am Newtown Police received a 911 call from the school. He noted that staff and students were among the fatalities. The shooter’s body was still inside of the building when the press conference was held.

“Many agencies are working together to answer questions as to what happened,” he said noting that the scene was secure and that he would not answer any questions but did answer that the public was not in danger.

The Governor took a call from the President, who pledged to provide resources into the matter.

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