Black Internet Stars Dead in Seperate Incidents

Karyn Domineque-Banks-Longhairdontcare2011The Black community has lost two prominent voices. Youtube starsDomineque Banks (left), known by her screen name Longhairdontcare2011 lost her battle with cancer on April 9. Banks had millions flocking to view her videos which chronicled her hair journey. The advocate for natural hair managed gave styling and maintainance tips to her followers, while advocating for women of color to embrace their natural hair. She was 27.
Banks’ death came days after Karyn Washington (right), founder of the blog For Brown Girls died of an apparent suicide. Despite being just 22, Washington was an influential voice, especially among darker skinned women, encouraging them to embrace themselves, their complexion and strive to be empowered. She gained popularity as well for her #DarkSkinRedLips campaign counter attacked a rapper stating dark skinned women should avoid red lipstick.

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