A Spooktacular MOLES Celebration

Posted on 07 November 2010 by The Florida Star Online

When we think of PRI we  think of props, tents, etc. Well we  now know that they have events  at their Studio. Jacksonville  MOLES member Mrs. Janet  Garrett and Gregory Owens hosted  a Halloween Party at the PRI  Studio and what fun it was! At  PRI, the props that we are accustomed  to seeing at various First  Coast events are featured in a  Museum type setting. And selecting  this venue for a party was a  most novel idea. Costumed for  the occasion as Pirates, Witches,  Bunnies, ‘Hip’ Crossing Guards,  Rock Stars, Jackson de Ville,  Trick or Treat Lady and more, we  mingled while gazing at the  gigantic props that were, in some  instances, quite familiar to us.  The place provided great fun, not  to mention the magnificent cuisine  of Chef Matthew Medure.

Hostess and Host Owens led  their guests in the Pictionary  Game and everyone left with useful  party favors. How wonderful  it was to have a memorable  ‘childlike’ evening!!

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