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Ted Williams Leaves Rehab Center Early

Posted on 31 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Ted Williams, 53, the man with the golden voice, was presented with opportunities galore when a video of him was placed on YouTube.

He was able to see his mother after ten years and was encouraged by his children to develop a new relationship and pursue a great career.

Ted was offered several jobs and was paid $10,000 immediately to do a Kraft Cheese commercial.

After appearing on Dr. Phil’s Show, Ted volunteered to go to rehab at a facility provided through Dr. Phil. The country cried and prayed for him. Later his girl friend of many years too decided to go to rehab. But now, something has happened. Ted, despite advice from the doctors at the facility, left after only two weeks of treatment.

This is sad. Ted, go back and get help.

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Crime & Justice (Print Version)

Posted on 31 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Julia N. Bowles

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First Stellar Award for Jacksonville

Posted on 24 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Ms. Deborah Maiden, owner and general manager of WCGL-AM1360 radio station, holds the Stellar Award certificate and trophy for 2011, awarded the station on January 15, 2011.

WCGL (Where Christ Gets Lifted) won the award over other medium market stations in the United Stations while in Nashville, TN.

WCGL is Jacksonville’s first station to receive this award.

This is a first for the city of Jacksonville! And this year, WCGL was the only Florida station nominated for Station of the Year! WCGL was selected the winner over its other medium market nominees: KPZK-FM 102.5-Little Rock, AR; WJYD 106.3 FM-Columbus, OH; and WRJD 1410 AM -Durham, NC!

The win took place during the 26h Annual Stellar Awards weekend, Saturday, January 15th at the Radio Station of the Year Ceremony at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

The event consisted of musical performances by Veronica Petrucci (formerly of the 90’s duo Angelo & Veronica); Canton Jones, gospel music newcomer, Monica Lisa Stevenson; rap artist LaCrae; Rev. Norman Hutchins; and, Tim Rogers & The Fellas.

Also awarded were Station of the Year in the Small, Large, and Major Market categories as well. Plus, event sponsor Central South Distribution saluted several announcers with their Reach Awards.

Along with WCGL general manager Deborah Maiden, staffers Kelvin Postell, Operations Manager, Karen Jones, Senior Account Executive, and on-air personality Wanda “Wanda P” Patterson were present at event.

Once the station’s name was announced the winner, thunderous cheers and applause came from some of Jacksonville’s own who were in the audience also: Troy & Emil Sneed of Emtro Records; show host Candice Jones & her husband William, artist Jermaine Taylor, DJ Will, WCGL listener and loyal fan Violin Henderson, singers Emma Holmes and, Ann Reynolds.

The Radio Station of the Year Ceremony was part of The Stellar Awards Weekend, Jan. 13-15, 2011 in Nashville, TN. The weekend’s events included the ‘Verizon Wireless-How Sweet The Sound Choir Boot Camp’; Stellar Awards Pre-Show, all culminating with the main event, The 26th Annual Stellar Awards, hosted by Donnie McClurkin and produced by Central City Productions.

The 26th Annual Stellar Awards will air in National Syndication from Jan. 22 thru March 13, 2011. Locally, the show is set to air on Saturday, February 5, at 3pm on WAWS 30.

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Two black head coaches reach multiple Super Bowls

Posted on 23 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Mike Bonts

Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers and coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears are on the verge of making Super Bowl history.

Tomlin and Smith both led their teams to victories in the second round of the NFL playoffs. The Pittsburgh Steelers edged out the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 31-24 to advance to the AFC Championship game.

And the Chicago Bears reached the NFC Championship game after defeating the Seattle Seahawks 35-24.

If the Steelers and the Bears defeat the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers respectively, Tomlin and Smith will become the first two black coaches to reach multiple Super Bowls.

The NFL’s first black coach was Fritz Pollard. Pollard was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

The Chicago native served in World War I and in 1919 he joined the Akron Pros of the American Professional Football League, which was renamed the American Professional Football Association the next year. He led Akron to the championship in 1920 and became the first black coach in NFL history when he played and served as co-coach in 1921. The APFA was renamed the NFL in 1922.

Smith’s Bears were defeated by Tony Dungy’s Colts in the 2007 Super Bowl. And in 2008, Tomlin’s Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

By reaching the Super Bowl again, the success of both coaches should encourage NFL owners to give more black coaches and general mangers an opportunity. Currently, there are only six black coaches in the NFL.

Over the past year we have also seen the youngest coach in the NFL, and another Dungy prodigy hire (Raheem Morris), bring the total number of African American coaches to six.

Out of those five, four coached for Dungy. (Only ex-49er had coach Mike Singletary did not get his tutelage from Dungy) Think about it, three out of the last four years Tony Dungy or one of his understudies have been the head coach in a Super Bowl.

Hue Jackson has been formally be introduced as Head Coach of The Oakland Raiders tomorrow.

Jackson has 25 years of coaching experience in college and professional football and has beenan offensive coordinator at both levels.

Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis spoke about the dynamic 45-year-old Jackson: “The fire in Hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the Raider football team and the Raider Nation.”

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Crime and Justice (Print Version)

Posted on 23 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Julia N. Bowles

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People to Watch in Florida & Georgia

Posted on 23 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

As the year ends we begin to think of what will happen in the next year regarding our life, the lives of our children, our families and our friends. We expect changes and work, hope and pray that all of the changes we experience will be positive, We know that we can’t do it all alone and that there are people around us that may be of benefit to our daily lives such as politicians, doctors, preachers and lawyers, as well as our environment such as our stores, our living conditions. Below are people we can watch and call on for help, comfort and motivation.

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Bomb Planted on MLK Parade Route

Posted on 23 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Three city workers of Spokane, Washington found a backpack with an improvised explosive device, a remote controlled bomb and two T-shirts in it. The device was on the parade route for children and old folks to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday and reminded many of the bomb that was placed in a church in 1963 that killed four little Black girls with 22 others being injured in the aftermath. For this 2011 incident, one FBI agent said that the device was the most potentially destructive improvised bomb he had ever seen.

The area is known for white supremacist activity but no one has been identified with this apparently psychotic point of view. Because of the quick thinking of the city workers with God on their side and the people, the bag was found, the parade was rerouted and the bomb was defused. What is frightening is the fact that it was well made with the intention of seeing maximum carnage.

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Jacksonville has the Giants

Posted on 18 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Jacksonville may be a little disappointed because the Jaguars did not make the playoff, but the city still has other reasons to feel proud in the area of sports. Of course, we still love the Jags.

The Jacksonville Suns is getting a new coach and now the city has acquired an ABA team. It is not the NBA but with the way the team is playing, maybe even it can become a NBA team.

The Jacksonville Giants played their first game on December 1 and will be playing their eleventh game at home on January 15 and another on January 16. If they can keep the same momentum of having not lost a game yet, we are on our way.

The Giants are (10-0) and are number two in the American Basketball Association. The fan base is growing. All home games will be at Veterans Memorial Arena here in Jacksonville. Go Giants!

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A Call to the Black Church

Posted on 17 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Bruce  A. Davis

One evening I stood on a corner and watched a lot of young black males sell drugs while a caravan of cars pulled up to the same house as if they were placing orders at a fast food pickup window.

Directly across the street I saw a Black Church. The members were in the parking lot greeting one another before they attended service. No one bothered to even look across the street.

I don’t think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned his head to the negative activity in his backyard were he alive today. He probably would have walked across the street and talked to the black males and found out what kind of level they were on before trying to raise their conscienceness. I wouldn’t have been surprised either if many of them stopped their activities to at least hear what he had to say.

At the turn of the century, secular organizations The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP), The Garvey Movement, and the Nation of Islam became prominent proponents for the black cause. The Black Church was referred to as do-nothing institutions because its influence had waned.

The civil rights movement sparked a resurgence in the Black Church. The movement was led by Dr. King, who transformed it from a passive institution to an instrument for social change.

Dr. King preached and argued that religion has a social as well as a spiritual mission, and that it should be concerned with the whole person and not just the soul.

Noted black scholar Eric Lincoln wrote in his analysis of the Black Church, The State of Black America, “[t]he Black Church is alive, alert, addressed to the realities of our times.” A lot has waned in fourteen years.

During the Jim Crow era the Black Church became the most important economic institution in the black community. It had to steel itself against the economic woes brought on by the Jim Crow laws. As a result, insurance companies, mutual associations, banks, and educational institutions were created. When the Civil War ended, the Black Church immediately stepped forth to construct educational institutions for the black community.

The same impetus is needed now more than ever if the Black Church is to become a great institution producing programs and solutions for our ravished and impoverished communities.

Long before the government implemented social and welfare programs the Black Church was serving as a social institution, a social clearing house for the betterment of its people.

It might benefit the black community to delve into the civil rights era and understand better the role the Black Church played socially in our communities. We could probably create more solutions to combat the social ills that fluctuate daily in our communities. After all, Dr. King’s dream wasn’t only about civil rights or race; it was also targeted at the chaos in the black community.

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DRUMLine Live at Moran Theater Stage

Posted on 16 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

DRUMLine Live, the show-stopping attraction created by the music team behind 20th Century Fox’s hit movie Drumline, will parade on to the Times-Union Center Moran Theater stage on January 22 at 8 p.m.

Complete with dazzling choreography and explosive percussion, DRUMLine Live is a thrilling spectacle that pays homage to the show-style marching popularized at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). With riveting rhythms, bold beats and ear-grabbing energy, the staged show is a synchronized musical showcase of the HBCU experience.

“We’ve taken the excitement of an HBCU football game halftime show, increased the intensity by a thousand watts, and created a musical journey that will touch every emotion,” says Don P. Roberts, DRUMLine Live’s creator and director. “DRUMLine Live is a highoctane musical roller coaster ride that will keep the entire family cheering for more.”

The legendary HBCU band experience comes alive with DRUMLine Live’s world-class cast of percussionists, musicians and dancers. The 39-member cast of performers honed its unrivaled talent with years of training in marching band programs across the United States such as Florida A&M, Tennessee State, and Clark Atlanta University, just to name a few.

Incorporating original compositions and soul-infused interpretations of top 40 hits, DRUMLine’s musical journey infuses colorful, choreographed routines with vibrant costumes and heavy doses of drum riffs and cadences. Audiences across the globe have been brought to their feet by the stirring sound of trumpets and incredible feats of athleticism; and have been astonished by the precision, creativity, and pulsing force in the climatic percussion battle. With musical highlights from hip-hop, American soul, gospel, jazz and other music genres, DRUMLine Live brings a unique style of drumming, mesmerizing musicianship, and lively choreography never seen on stage before.

Roberts was inspired to create DRUMLine Live after serving as executive band consultant for the 2002 movie Drumline starring Nick Cannon. Drumline was one of the first major motion pictures to capture the electricity of the black college marching band experience. DRUMLine Live had a successful 70-performance international tour in 2008-2009 with sold-out shows throughout Asia.

For those who attended HBCUs, and for those who have never had a chance to catch black college football games, the energy and the talent in DRUMLine Live are simply going to blow you away.”

DRUMLine Live is co-produced by Halftime Live, LLC, and Columbia Artists Management, Inc (CAMI). CAMI is an internationally producer of live entertainment including many award winning Broadway and Off- Broadway productions such as FELA, Chicago and Blue Man Group.

Tickets for DRUMLine Live at the Times-Union Center Moran Theater are on sale now and can be purchased online at or

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Breaking the law

Posted on 16 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Clara McLaughlin

When the New York Post staff person drew this cartoon  which was published in their paper, many were  upset and some attorneys said that a drawing such as  this which alludes to shooting the president of the  United States is a criminal violation. There is a law  that prohibits a person from inciting a crime or violence.  This drawing was published in February 2009. 

The complaint that many have is the fact that nothing  was done about this incident. Therefore, a number of  other such acts were committed and still the law  enforcement officers and the people stood by, citing  the right of free speech and the right to carry arms. 

Many of the right wing politicians and common citizens,  some quietly and some very vocal appeared to be  agreeing with this behavior. In fact, when those who  did not agree but also did not go out to vote, it made it  appear that most Americans agreed that this, called by  some, criminal and disrespectful behavior was what  most wanted. If there is no punishment for misbehavior,  one would get comfortable and go even further. 

When so call American leaders, politicians and business  persons say and do certain things publicly and the  comments are aired through all of the many outlets,  control is lost. You can’t say if a person who commit  such a crime as this past weekend is mentally ill or evil. 

Now we have political leaders resigning from their  jobs or positions expressing fear of the tea party and/or  the general public. 

President Obama made a very strong speech at the  memorial service while others from his administration  read scriptures. What many really wanted to hear was  that law enforcement departments all over the country  would begin immediately, enforcing the laws that are  already in place that has gotten out of hand. 

Saturday’s shootings caused death, pain and possibly  permanent damage for those who were shot, for their  family, friends, and ordinary people. 

Please, law enforcement officers, enforce the law. We  don’t need to see or hear about more of this.

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First Black and Female Elected as Lieutenant Governor of Florida

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Story by Rinetta M. Fefie 
Photos by Frank M. Powell

It was a historical moment beginning with the  Salute to Women in Leadership Breakfast on  Monday morning, followed with a Tribute to the  First Lady, Honoring Those who Serve, a Path to  Prosperity Reception, Florida’s Future Youth  Concert and the Inaugural Candlelight Dinner. The  two-day event was extremely elaborate but what was  most impressive was the swearing in of Lieutenant  Governor Jennifer Carroll. 

Many in the African American community  admitted it was difficult to hold back the tears as Ms.  Carroll was sworn in. She was joined by her family  as her husband held the Bible that she placed her  hand upon. 

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Carroll’s  story is even more touching since she was adopted by her parents.  She moved to the United States when she was eight years of age,  and after graduating from high school, joined the U. S. Navy. She  was selected for the Enlisted Commissioning Program and  became an Aviation Maintenance Officer in 1985. She retired  from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander and later received an  Associate of Arts Degree, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of  Business Administration. 

Jennifer Carroll is the first Black and the first female elected  as the Lieutenant Governor of Florida. She is also the first African  American female Republican elected to the Florida Legislature.  Actually, she is the first Black female on any statewide  Republican ticket for the state. 

Ms. Carroll is married to Nolan Carroll, Sr. They have three  children, Nolan Carroll, Jr., Nyckie and Necho. Her son, Nolan  Carroll, Jr. plays with the Miami Dolphins. 

Even though many are proud of Ms. Carroll and feel she is a  quiet but strong person, they are still concerned about what lies  ahead for Florida’s minority community under this Republican  administration with strong Tea Party ideas. Governor Rick Scott  ran his campaign on creating jobs for Floridians and during his  inaugural address alluded to how he will do it. Will Ms. Carroll  be given the power to help achieve such a goal? Governor Scott  said, “We have hard-working people who desperately want jobs.  We have energetic entrepreneurs with plenty of ideas.. and persuadable  investors with ready cash.” He ended his speech with,  “Lets get to work.”

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WATCH NIGHT – At the Church Without Walls

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Story by Clara McLaughlin

December 31, 2010 ended the decade that started with fear. Many were worried about what 2000 would bring, the changes in life as well as scientific changes. When 2000 arrived, the clocks and the computer systems all continued to work. Some were surprised but there were changes – good and bad. So, the best way to end and start another decade is rejoicing in music and love.

Brookhollow Baptist Church, affectionately known as the Church Without Walls, offered their members and the public an open door with the church’s mass choir and world renowned Kirk Franklin performing and their pastor, Dr. Ralph D. West, providing a sermon focusing on the First Psalms, explaining the tree and the roots. The Berry Center had standing room only with more than three fourth of the audience being members of the church that has three Houston locations, and two services every Sunday at two locations and one at the other.

The music and the sermon left everyone feeling very positive about the next decade. In fact, more than 100 came forward, as the pastor opened the doors of the church, making a pledge to join the 21,625 members (14,778 families) already a part of The Church Without Walls.

Dr. West is the founder and pastor of Brookhollow Baptist Church which started with 32 members at their first service on November 8, 1987 in a ballroom at the Brookhollow Marriott Hotel, Houston.

Jacksonville residents will have the opportunity to meet and hear Dr. West on January 19-21, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 2803 W. Edgewood Avenue as he leads East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association Convention Revival Service.

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Jaguars in Houston had Great Fan Support

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Mike Bonts and Richard McLaughlin
Photographs by Frank Powell and Richard McLaughlin

The Houston Texans Arian Foster made MVP as he ran for two touchdowns and spoiled the Jaguars’ post-season aspirations with a 34-17 victory. Of course, the Jaguars played without the services of QB David Garrard and running back Maurice Jones-Drew, both out with injuries. In fact, Jones-Drew underwent surgery in Alabama two days after the game.

But the Jaguars had the support of many Floridians at the Houston game who proudly cheered for their team while at the sell-out stadium.

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Catch up with the Stories!

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online


Please click to enlarge and view in the PDF format.

We are providing you full access to our front pages of The Florida Star Newspaper from December 25th to the 8th of January!

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Over 230,000 Black Dead

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010, Sheila Johnson debuted her second cause-related film: “The Other City,” a poignant and must-see documentary about the impact of HIV/AIDS in our nation’s capital that aired on Showtime. The film was to stress the importance of taking care of one’s body as well as intravenous drug use as it represents 1/3 of those who get the disease. It also shows the factors surrounding former and current inmates, since these are the truths about the disease. It is a microscopic reflection of what is truly going on in the United States and globally.

Ms. Johnson said is important that we have an open dialogue to erase the stigma surrounding HIV. Magic Johnson was one of the first celebrities known to have HIV.

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Dec. 7th – Pearl Harbor Remembered with Burial

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Last Rites and Good-Byes were given by family members in remembrances of their love one Chief Petty Officer John H. Carter, Jr. on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. The ceremony was held in honor and tribute to our fallen Veterans aboard the USSR Underwood Shop (FFG36) at May Port Navy Base. In memory of Chief Petty Officer John H. Carter, Jr., a U.S. Flag was presented to the family.

On December 7, 1941 the U. S. Navy Base at Pearl Harbor was attacked. This attack has been identified as one of the most devastating times in history. We therefore salute all of our men and woman who served during these times. The family stated, “We give a personal salute to our father who gave of himself to serve our country. Chief Petty Officer Carter served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1974 in the Department of Aviation Electronics.

CPO Carter is survived by four children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great grand children.

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At 89, Lady Escapes Fire in Springfield Area

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Mrs. Ethel Clarke, 89, of the 200 block of West 17th Street, realized that her space heater had caused her house to catch fire. Ms. Clarke, saw the flame and rather than try to escape through her front door, went through the back door.

Even though there is very little space in her back area, in addition to the tall fences and dogs, she said she decided to risk climbing the fence behind her, which was the lowest, and tackle the dogs than try to run through the fire.

This was an excellent decision and of course shows her strength of mind.

The fire caused a lot of damage and Ms. Clarke was taken to Shands Hospital. She will not be able to return to her home because of the amount of damage.

Ms. Clarke needs financial support to help her get her home repaired and to purchase new items, such as bed and sitting furniture.

Those wishing to help should contact The Florida Star at 904-766-8834.

She has not set up a bank account.

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The “Beach Lady” is a Finalist for Women’s Hall of Fame

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Photo by  FMPowell3

The late MeVynee Betsch, known by all as “The Beach Lady,” died on September 5, 2005.
Ms. MaVynee has been nominated as one of ten finalists in the 2010- 2011 Florida Women’s Hall of Fame. The Florida Women’s Hall of Fame began honoring Florida’s women in 1982 who made significant contributions to the improvement of life for women and all citizens of Florida.

Ms. Betsch dedicated her life to exploring the history of Florida. She moved to her family’s property, The American Beach, in 1970 after ending her career as an opera singer. Her family was Jacksonville’s first Black millionaires.

The finalists were selected by the Florida Commission on the Status of Women and the governor can select up to three women for induction in the Hall of Fame.

MaVynee is Jacksonville’s only finalist.

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School Board Votes to Close James Weldon Johnson

Posted on 10 January 2011 by The Florida Star Online

Written by Marsha Dean Phelts

In a meeting of the  Duval County School  Board last week, the  Board voted to close the  James Weldon  Johnson Middle  School. The decision to  close this academic  magnet school purportedly  is due to low student  enrollment.  According to the proposal  those now attending  James Weldon  Johnson will be assigned to Paxon Middle and Paxon’s  students will be enrolled at Eugene Butler. This move  is scheduled to take place next school year beginning  August 2011.

There are numerous questions; foremost is what  school will continue the respected name of James  Weldon Johnson? There should never be a time in this  city that a Duval County public school does not bear  the name James Weldon Johnson. Another question is,  after closing the school what happens to the building  and the site? The school board could give this property  to Edward Waters College as these two properties are  adjoining. 

In a Déjà-vu flashback, many instantly recall a similar  strategy deployed over forty years ago when the  entire school system was ordered to desegregate. Back  in 1969, a major implementation of the integration plan  went into effect. As a result of this plan numerous  schools in black neighborhoods were shut down to prevent  white students from being bussed in certain Black  neighborhoods. Those geographically named schools  in Black communities like West Lewisville/Forrest  Park, Oakland and Jacksonville Beach Elementary  were discarded and reduced to rubbish. Public school  facilities bearing names of prominent role models such  as Isaiah Blocker and A. L. Lewis were closed and torn  down, assuring that those schools never open again. In  closing these schools the names of positive historical  figures were erased from positively imprinting the  futures of the youth that James Weldon Johnson so eloquently  wrote of in his prose, 
“You are young, gifted, and Black. 
We must begin to tell our young, 
There’s a world waiting for you, 
Yours is the quest that’s just begun.” 

For over a century James Weldon Johnson has been one of Jacksonville’s great citizens. 

He was born in LaVilla, spent his formative years in the city and was educated in our public schools as high as the system provided education for Negro students and upon completion of high school and college in Atlanta. It was James Weldon Johnson, former student at Stanton Grade School who in 1894 became principal then added higher grades, (from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th) while upgrading the curriculum thus establishing the first accredited high school for Blacks in the state of Florida. The contributions of James Weldon Johnson are too significant for his name to be retired from an active public educational institution in Jacksonville .

Jacksonville, Florida is the only place on planet earth that can boast of being the birthplace of James Weldon and John Rosamond Johnson, the brothers who in 1900 wrote the words and lyrics to “Lift Every Voice and Sing while serving as principal and music instruct or at Stanton High School.

Jacksonville appropriately should have a school named in honor of #1 James Weld on Johnson and his brother #2 John Rosam ond Johnson, #3 their mother, Helen Dillet Johnson , Florida’s first Black school teacher and their father #4 Jam es William Johnson, pastor of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church who came to Jacksonville in 1869.

Upon the closing of James Weldon Johnson at 1840 W. 9t h Street, another public school bearing the name James Weldon Johnson must take pla ce immediately. Whether this is a new school opening or under constructed in 2011, this new facility should be given the name James Weldon Johnson. A second alternative would be to rename LaVilla the James Weldon Johnson L aVilla School for the Arts (if this school has not been named in someone’s honor).

Due to under performance of students enrolled in neighborhood schools in the Black community several of these schools are in danger of being closed by the state. This is not the case for the James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Sc hool, nevertheless the school is closing.

Please contact school board members and ask them to keep an active public school named for James Weldon Johnson who in the millennium year 2000 was inducted into The Florida Artists Hall of Fame E-Mail and Phone:
• District 1 – Martha Barrett | | 904-390-2371
• District 2 – Fred “Fel” Lee |     | 904-390-2386

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