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Haiti Receives World Wide Help

Posted on 16 January 2010 by The Florida Star Online

This Haitian-born Canadian leader, thanked her country for their rapid response to help her earthquake ravaged birth place.  There were no “Rush Limbaughs or Pat Robertsons in Canada to criticize her or describe her homeland on a Christian TV station to say that the people of Haiti “were under the heel of the French.. and together swore a pact with the devil,” which justifies the earthquake and hardships.
  “Fly Jock”, Tom Joyner, took his crew to Haiti to broadcast the Tom Joyner Morning Show and to set up an Internet cafe’ so that Haitians could get in touch with their families.  World wide, help went to Haiti where it is reported that over 50,000 are believed to have died in this historical earthquake.  Joyner said we learned that we cannot sit back and wait for anyone to do for us what we can and must do for ourselves.  On his show earlier, listeners were encouraged to call “The 700 Club” to tell Pat Robertson that they were praying for him to become a ‘real’ Christian.
  Limbaugh displayed his displeasure with President Obama, which is not unusual, because of the president’s quick response to help the Haitians and many Americans either visiting or living in the country. 
  Jacksonville and Brunswick residents immediately poured in help and Congresswoman Corrine Brown appeared on station 105.3 to voice her support and to give instructions on how to help.
  Even though it has been reported that Tiger Woods whereabouts were unknown, Russell Simmons advised the New York Daily News that Woods is in the process of getting together a mobile hospital  with 50 EMT’s to go set up a triage.  According to Simmons, Woods is planning to make a $3 million contribution.
  After Robertson’s statement, it was explained that the reason Haiti is poor is because Europe imposed a blockade on trade after the slave revolt in 1804.  Presently, it is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has had many natural and man made miseries.  Haiti has a population of 9 million people and has the second largest overall income gap between the very rich and the very poor, something America’s present administration is working to prevent.
 Even though many are helping, more help is needed.  Reports say that there is other danger for Haiti because of the prospect of aftershocks bringing down buildings.

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Crime Down-Black on Black Murders Up

Posted on 09 January 2010 by The Florida Star Online

Jacksonville and Brunswick Pastors Meet to Discuss and Organize
Jacksonville and Brunswick Pastors Meet to Discuss and Organize
Pastors and community leaders from Jacksonville, Brunswick and surrounding areas, held a press conference on black men murdering black men around the U.S., led by Pastor Ken Adkins of Jordan Grove Baptist, Brunswick.

Sheriff Rutherford, in a talk show conversation with Florida Star’s publisher, advised crime in Jacksonville dropped about 20% below what occurred in 2008.  And even though he did not have the statistics for black on black murders, specifically among black men, it was reported on PBS that the   black murder rate, of black men killing black men increased.  There were 111 homicides in 2009 in Jacksonville and 144 in 2008.  Police shootings in Jacksonville decreased in 2009 from 28 in 2008 to 15 in 2009. 
  The pastors joined hands in one of the highest crime areas of Jacksonville to announce their joint effort to bring healing, peace, safety and more importantly a drop in crime to many of the neighborhoods where their churches  are located.  In Jacksonville and Brunswick, the churches are getting together.

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